The stone treasure on the island of Brač

Sep 28, 2020 | Pin Interests

Discover the cosmopolitan lifestyle in Croatia


The association of people living on the water’s front is legendary. The climate conditions and the position of these places always offer the potential for isolation from communities and settlements. Waterfront locations have a platform where you can explore and savor great views of nature. 

If these places are located in a tranquil setting with astonishing panoramic views, but within easy reach from the town, or amenities ( like restaurants, bars, museums, sports facilities, etc.), that would automatically make it the ideal location for a second home.


The water reflection of the three houses, green pine trees, and the mountain that are in the distance.

The infinity pool water reflection of the Sumartin town and Biokovo mountains.



One of these locations was found by Pin & Pin, on the island of Brač in Dalmatia. The setting was ideal to develop a modern stone villa. This was the beginning of the journey to develop a spectacular Villa Lypa. The initial stage of concept exploration was based on a functional layout that physically adapted to the slightly elevated terrain, while the design evolved through the stages of fragmentation of volumes and forms to involve variety and interest in spatial experience. The spatial quality was further upgraded to meet contemporary lifestyle and aspirations while it remains grounded to the traditional series of spaces. The open space philosophy that was applied on all levels of the villa enables a platform to enjoy scenic views from the surrounding landscape and thus truly becomes the center of this residence where the landscape directly flows in.


The hidden balcony on the stone villa with an orange roof with a spectacular view on the sea.

The side view of the Villa Lypa.


A spacious outside living area with a swimming pool, two white sunbeds, and two white parasols.

The ultimate seaside pleasure dome.


The alfresco dining area with large dining table and chairs on the white stone terrace of the modern contemporary villa.

The alfresco dining area.


A sunbed with a white pillow, and two glasses of rose wine on the balcony with a direct sea view.

Villa Lypa is a perfect place for a socially-distant holiday in style.


The guiding thought for Villa Lypa was to create a private contemporary villa that will serve as a stylish refuge from the busy coastal cities in Croatia. A resident of the villa would have a peaceful place for reading and relaxing, a pause point to look over which also turns out to be an interactive place to sit and talk with family and a congregation space for social gathering.

Villa Lypa’s beauty lies not only in its intuitive understanding of holistic luxury but also in preserving the culture and the island’s untouched environment.