Croatia is a popular tourist destination among European holiday-makers and benefits from its central location in Europe. It is within quick reach by car from southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Italy. ‘First-time- and holiday-home buyers find everything here that they require for life in a sunny climate: glorious scenery, beautiful coastlines dotted with bays, countless islands just off the mainland, historic towns, and first-class restaurants.

1. Is it difficult to buy a property in Croatia?

Since entering European Union, buying a property in Croatia has gotten easier. Whether you come from abroad or you already live in Croatia, it is recommended to hire a lawyer and a real estate agency.

2. Can foreign citizens buy a property in Croatia?

Yes. But, the rules and laws may apply differently. This depends on whether you come from the EU or the country outside the EU zone.

If you come from a country that is a part of the EU zone, you can buy the property by the same rules as Croatian citizens.

If you come from a country outside of the EU, you can buy the property under the “Rule of reciprocity”. 

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3. How can I buy a property as a foreign citizen

There are two ways to buy a property in Croatia. You can do it as a private individual or through a company you founded in Croatia – this is the most common way for buyers who live outside of the EU.

4. What are the main steps for buying a property in Croatia?
  • Signing a Pre-contract agreement between the buyer and the seller
  • Applying for Consent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) – this step is mostly for the buyers which come outside of the EU
  • Signing the contract with the buyer and verify it at the public notary office
  • Sending the contract to the Land registry to confirm the transfer of the ownership



1. Does Pin & Pin offer custom home development services?

Absolutely. Besides developing signature luxury villas on the Dalmatian coast, we help our clients turn their vision of an ideal home into a reality. Our project management department takes care of every step for you – from start to finish, whether it is finding the right lot, designing your dream home, constructing it, and all the other little things. We take care of:


  • Architecture design
  • Project documentation
  • Interior design
  • Construction
2. Is there a step by step process of building a custom home?

Building a custom home, especially in a foreign country can be very intimidating and overwhelming at first, but it can be assured that working with the right people will make your journey a whole lot easier.


At the very first step, you have to find and purchase the perfect land that will fit all your needs.


At the second step, you will meet our team of professionals from different fields. They will carefully listen to your wishes, and they will present your vision of home in a digital form. 


At the third step, you will have to get the local authorities permission to build your home. Our team of architects and project managers will handle this process for you.


The fourth step is the most important one – construction. This is the step where your home will be finally built.

3. We live abroad and we would like to build a home in Croatia. Can you guide us through the home-building process?

Of course. We have years of experience when it comes to consulting our clients on building homes in Croatia and obtaining building permits for their future homes.

But, we always recommend that you hire a lawyer that will help you be up to date will law changes, as well as a real estate agency when it comes to buying a land plot for the house.

4. What is the typical time frame of building a custom home in Croatia?

This will mostly depend on the size of your project as well as the time necessary to obtain all permits for construction. 


Sometimes, even if your house is smaller in size, it can take up a lot of time due to the complexities of it like a special ceiling or the mechanical or electrical needs to it. Sometimes even finishes in your kitchen or bathroom can be very complicated and time-consuming.


There are other scenarios that can prolong your project as well for example if you keep getting setbacks from the local authorities on permission regarding building the place. One of the problems people usually face is height restriction if people decide to build too heightened of a building. Other issues could be your lot is too close to a watercourse or you have heritage restrictions. And lastly, your project could simply be too large and complex for it to be completed in a comparatively shorter time period.

5. What sets Pin & Pin apart from other property developers in Croatia?

This is such an important question as this may help you finally decide on who you want to work with. There are a lot of things that set us apart from other buildings, to note a few;

  1.  Experience.

They say experience is what builds a company. With years and years of experience on our sleeve, we can confidently guarantee you the best of services will be provided to you by us. The most important thing when analyzing custom home builders is not the number of buildings made but rather the quality and uniqueness of their projects. This is how you will know whether someone can take care of your precious custom home project or not.

2. Trust.

We understand it’s not easy investing a whole lot of money in a project and trusting somebody else to do it for you, especially if you are investing in another country. But we can assure you, we here at Pin & Pin recognize your anxiety and worries. We know for a fact that your success will lead us to our success, if you are not satisfied with the work, it is our job completely to make you satisfied. Our professionals make sure there is no communication gap that could lead to any problems. 

 3. Reputation.

Keeping our reputation in a good position is very important to us. To be able to do this, one of the first priorities on our list is providing quality material and services. This is the most important to us, rather than providing cheap lesser quality services and material that would relinquish our own reputation as a company. Whether it is selecting material, hiring artisan traders, or calling in professionals, it is made sure that all are high-end, for your satisfaction regarding the quality of our work.

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