Pin & Pin: From a simple concept to reality

Nov 5, 2020 | News

Providing support from the very first steps of finding a plot of land and obtaining local planning permissions, through landscaping and interior design, Pin & Pin always works closely with clients to help their idea of a dream home in Croatia become a reality.

Adam Pinion the Director of Pin & Pin Dalmatia, explains, “Developing a dream villa in Croatia is more than a service. It’s an exciting journey. Rather than picking between an array of existing homes, choosing Pin & Pin enables clients to create the seaside home they’ve always dreamed of.”

From contemporary residences, like for example The Opus on the island of Korčula to more traditional ones like Villa Lypa, as well as restoring and breathing in a new life into older properties like Villa Feodora, Pin & Pin has over 15 years’ experience delivering properties to the very top end of the market.

Partnering with Pin & Pin, our clients can enjoy working closely with the team at every step of the process, whilst benefiting from the considerable experience and skills that we offer. Such a collaborative approach yields extraordinary results, creating truly unforgettable.”- said Adam Pinion.


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Unlocking the property’s potential

As well as developing entire properties, the Pin & Pin team are also able to facilitate major extensions and renovations, helping clients unlock the potential of their existing home.

“There are many unexpected situations that can happen, and our projects need to adjust to new situations. Through providing substantial renovation and extension projects, we can remodel your home so that it continues to work best for your family. Not only we are trying to answer all the clients’ needs, we also try to bring the design that will be relevant tomorrow as it is relevant today.” said Adam Pinion.

Luxury villa developed by Pin & Pin should always represent a ‘dream seaside home’ – it is a highly personal process, and we work very closely with clients from day one, so it’s a real pleasure when clients return to us for a remodel, renovation or extension, or recommend us to their friends and family.