Privacy policy: How to conceal home outdoor spaces

Nov 11, 2020 | Pin Interests

As you may already know Croatia offers its residents plenty of outdoor activities. As property developers at Pin & Pin, we try to connect our clients with the benefits of Croatian nature by creating spaces to enjoy island winds and views of clear sea, but we are very aware of the need for privacy. 

To achieve a perfect balance between luxury, comfort, and privacy in seafront areas we apply smart solutions to help homeowners conceal their outdoor spaces.

Of course, if you are the type of homeowner that places a very high value on privacy, you should think of an ideal location. Croatian islands are great places for that purpose. Not only will you have unlimited access to unobstructed views of the sea, but you will also have easy access to nearby amenities since the majority of islands have a good connection with the mainland. 

The terrain on many islands in Croatia offers the opportunity to conceal homes with the surrounding nature by building into the small cliffs or areas surrounded by pine trees. The key to the successful incorporation of the house into the landscape, without damaging the natural environment is to work with an architect in the property design phase.


A variety of flexible spaces

Croatian coast is blessed with the weather. A mild Mediterranean climate is perfect when it comes to alfresco living. On the other hand, it is necessary to keep in mind all types of weather conditions such as rain or wind. This is why it is necessary to incorporate shaded areas, sun areas, partially enclosed areas to ensure homeowners can extend outdoor living into all four seasons.



Three deck chairs and a small coffee table with champagne on it. Deck chairs are on the large outdoor terrace with a swimming pool.

The outdoor living area at the Villa Feodora.


Create a spacious terrace

Whether at the front, interior, or back of a home, a terrace (or a garden) can be a welcoming, and relaxing transition from the outside world to the home’s inside spaces. This smart privacy solution creates connectivity between interior and exterior space while creating a feeling of serenity throughout the property. The open-air areas can be used for many functions but should have partitions on at least three sides to provide seclusion and privacy, even if it is positioned in the center of a house.


Use the natural environment

Many luxury villas along the Croatian coast sit on the rocky terrain with slight slopes on the water’s edge. Although developing a home on this terrain may be a challenge, it can also be an asset if you are thinking about privacy. As an example, with the Villa Opus on the island of Korčula, Pin & Pin architects wanted to create a comfortable luxury villa that will contribute to the uniqueness of the entire landscape. As a result, the residents have a flow of natural light weaved throughout the entire villa giving it a luxurious sense of intimacy.


White modern luxury villa built on slopes, right on the water's edge.

The location of the Villa Opus.


Choose the subtle panels

Privacy panels with a decorative design not only provide privacy to your outdoors, but they can also give a new dimension to your dining or pool area. At the villa Feodora, Pin and Pin chose the combination of walls and trees to create privacy, and block the neighbour’s views.